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shinrin-yoku australia

Take yourself to a Forest. Walk slowly and with intention.

Breathe deeply. Open all your senses. Experience it.

this is the healing path of shinrin-yoku australia

Forest Hike

come join us for a walk!

No upcoming events at the moment

about shinrin-yoku

the art of forest healing

shinrin-yoku means forest bathing or taking in the forest atmosphere. 
Emerging from Japan during the 1980s, this restorative and engaging health practice incorporating
a range of nature-based interventions, is becoming a cornerstone of preventive health care and healing in the health care systems across the globe.

guided walks

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Private Groups

A personalised unique experience
for small groups

Green Forest

Public Guided Walks

Current Options Available

Interested in experiencing shinrin-yoku?

Sydney, New South Wales  |  Gold Coast, Queensland

forest bathing, nature therapy, shinrinyoku australia, and guided forest therapy walks in sydney and gold coast

0466 30 99 88

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Into the Woods
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