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Phone off, look at leaves: How to turn your bushwalk into a forest bathing experience

I was excited to be asked to talk about how to integrate Forest Bathing/Therapy practices into bushwalks recently by SMH Journalist Kimberly Gillan.

shinrin-yoku australia believes we could benefit from applying the principles of the Japanese restorative practice of forest bathing to our time in nature.

“Forest bathing is about walking slowly and quietly and noticing what’s around you – you might only cover 1.5 kilometres in three hours,” Daniel, Director of shinrin-yoku australia says.

“You just notice that leaf there, this tree over here, that bug crawling on the tree. It’s just [about] being in nature and watching stuff and seeing what happens. There’s something really different about slowing the body down as opposed to speeding it up.”

Research links forest bathing with a reduction in stress hormones and feelings of depression and anxiety, as well as enhanced immunity, and unlike a hike to a particular summit, forest bathing seeks no destination in particular.

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