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Maybe you need a nature prescription?

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

A significant body of evidence suggests people living in places where nature is more bountiful are more healthy, physically and mentally.

Proponents of Forest Therapy or Shinrin-Yoku, have several theories about why it might work. Perhaps it gets you away from the stress of everyday life. Perhaps exposure to different bacteria and fungus adjusts your microbiome. Or perhaps, after millions of years spent on the savannah, our bodies are simply hard-wired to enjoy nature. Perhaps we find tranquil lakes beautiful because fresh water has always meant safety and survival.

“Our history on this planet was 99 per cent of our time on this planet was among trees, and now 1 per cent living in concrete boxes,” said Daniel D’Appio, Director of shinrin-yoku australia, and an accredited certified forest therapy guide at Primary and Community Care Services.

“We have this innate thing inside us that reacts well to nature. It’s a meant-to-be-there feeling. And we don’t give ourselves a chance to go and do it.”

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